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Safety Services

Industrial Safety Training Steel Mills

Safety Services

As members of the TMC technical team both hygienists (CIH) and safety professionals (CSP) employ approved industrial guidelines, NIOSH/OSHA standards and methodologies to help identify the associated occupational and safety risks and workplace hazards. Through understanding these standards and corresponding risks and hazards, TMC develops a proven and established approached through scientific methodologies of sampling, engineering control and safeguards, personal protection, training and recordkeeping. TMC professions are committed to by adopting ethical guidelines and establishing sound technical basis for our services.

Understanding an industry’s unique processes, products, and byproducts is critical knowledge for TMC’s professional team members when identifying an organization’s health, safety and work hazards. By leveraging the knowledge and experience of our staff, TMC helps organizations across various industries to identify workplace risks and exposures. This knowledge, experience and understanding is combined to provide a specific methodology for workplace assessment that is based on related business objectives.

OSHA Compliance Analysis

In undertaking health and safety compliance analysis, TMC provides a team of experienced safety professionals to review written safety programs, training documentation, and OSHA required program implementation to determine compliance with OSHA laws, regulations and governing standards.

Health and Safety Management Systems (HSMS)

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Written program development

Through applying TMC’s unique experiences, acquired knowledge and understanding regarding an industry’s unique processes, products, TMC’s professional team members provide customized written programs to meet the OSHA laws, regulations and guidelines or provide standardized templates that offers the ability to modify these plans in a manner to meet corporate goals and objectives along with OSHA established requirements.

Safety training

In accordance with OSHA laws and regulations, employers are required to provide training to their employees to assure knowledge and demonstrated competencies as initial, annual and change of job function training intervals. Through years of experience and knowledge, TMC possess a command understanding of these training requirements, training nodules, and corresponding intervals as required. TMC offers an array of safety training courses with provided documentation for content and employee knowledge. In addition to offering individual safety courses, TMC develops a company’s annual safety training calendar and schedule training for all of the required OSHA classes.

TMC’s OSHA safety courses include:

  • OSHA 10 HR – General or Construction Course
  • OSHA 30 HR - General or Construction Course
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • Confined space
  • Hearing conservation
  • Respiratory protection
  • Machine guarding
  • OSHA Recordkeeping

Facility compliance audits

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OSHA Recordkeeping

TMC provides technical resources to aid and assist in the development of a corporation’s OSHA 300 logs. TMC is able to gather and provide historical data review for consistency and accuracy in reporting accidents and injuries. TMC offers both proper documentation, recordkeeping and training for demonstration of OSHA compliance.

Accident Investigation

TMC possess the requisite expertise and knowledge regarding industry and manufacturing operations and general operating procedures needed to assist with any accident investigation. This process often offers a third party objective review and analysis that provides employees with additional assurances regarding the integrity of the investigation.


TMC provides ergonomic surveys for office applications or material handling and work stations in the manufacturing environment to further promote health and safety within the workplace setting.