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Health and Safety Management Systems (HSMS)

"It becomes part of the culture; the way people do their jobs"

A Health and Safety Management System provides a systematic way to identify hazards and control risks while maintaining assurance that these controls are effective.  A Health and Safety Management System provides the organization with the basis for goal setting, planning, and measuring performance. The Health and Safety Management System must be woven into the fabric of an organization. It becomes part of the culture; the way people do their jobs.

TMC is committed to the structure of Health and Management Systems that enables and empowers every organization with the ability to reduce workplace illnesses and injuries. TMC is able to provide the technical resources, an outline of organizational authority and responsibilities, guidance to the organization to assist with the systematic identification of workplace hazards along with recommendations to eliminate or to control those hazards.

TMC acknowledges that executive leadership is the backbone of this system. TMC is able to design or offer this type of training to both management, supervisors/managers and employees/personnel. As designed, the HSMS identifies management to lead, for personnel to analyze the worksite for hazards, and for both to assume responsibility for hazards to be eliminated or controlled. An effective and functioning program is the sum of all the parts.

Overview of Health and Safety Management Systems

The effective, confident, and sustained control of workplace injuries and illnesses is accomplished through a disciplined Health and Safety Management System approach. It is constructed on the basis of building the following framework:

1. Commitment
2. Organization
3. Communication
4. Training & Education
5. Measurement

These first five elements are collectively called the enabling foundation of the HSMS and are common to most management system structures (e.g. Quality, Environmental). A solid foundation is essential to optimizing a confident and robust health and safety management system. Safety and health initiatives, in the absence of a solid foundation, will provide only short term gains and fail to be sustained as additional initiatives and expectations become apparent. Management leadership and employee involvement are essential to the successful implementation of the system and tied together because one is not effective without the other. A plant manager can be totally committed, but if employees follow blindly or are not involved, problems will only temporarily be solved. A cornerstone of the system involves everyone’s understanding and application of their roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities within the HSMS. Establishing “line organization ownership” and staff resource support is essential to the system’s success.

6. Incident Management
7. Work Practice Control
8. Hazard Control Processes

The effective Health and Safety Management System organizes this set of components, designed to work together to ensure the following results are achieved:

  • Identification/anticipation of needs
  • Development/use of processes to meet those needs
  • Assessment of outcomes
  • Review for continuous improvements

With extensive experience under OSHA, TMC recognizes that the HSMS parallels the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) and prepares organizations for VPP application and successful Merit or Star awards under OSHA’s program.