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OSHA Compliance and Safety


An audit is a useful tool that can be used to assess compliance, work conditions, practices and compliance within the workplace. Through TMC’s extensive experience and industrial knowledge, TMC can develop customized audit will include the following components:

  • Identify laws and regulations that apply to the facility or organization.
  • Determine whether requirements, corporate policies and procedures regarding environment and/or safety compliance are being implemented and followed.
  • A thorough review of documentation and record-keeping as is required by EPA, OSHA, governing agencies and/or corporate policies to demonstrate compliance.
  • A review of all environmental and/or safety training that is provided to employees, supervisors and management team.
  • Assess or evaluate environmental, health and safety management systems currently in place to ensure compliance. This evaluation will consider the methods used to achieve compliance.

Companies and organizations recognize that audits are beneficial as an established method to provide comprehensive, consistent and systematic review of their operations and workplace conditions to:

  • Promote a comprehensive review of systems
  • Facilitate planned improvements to programs, policies, and procedures
  • Ensure consistent and comprehensive training
  • Identify regulatory compliance deficiencies and potential violations
  • Identify reporting and record-keeping requirements across the organization
  • Identify deficiencies within the workplace, operations and/or employee daily practices
  • Identify disconnects in written programs and activities that take place in the workplace

When an audit is properly conducted, reviewed and corrective action plan prepared and implemented a company or organization can directly begin to enhance compliance, improve workplace safety, avoid violations, penalties and fines, thus reducing corporate liability. Audits can also serve to increase employees’ awareness and understanding of regulations, duties and obligations. The audit process can also be an opportunity to demonstrate a company's commitment to compliance.

Safety Audit

With rapidly increasing worker’s compensation, insurance costs, lost employee time, OSHA fines are not the only reason to strengthen corporate safety programs, in response to these challenges TMC employs experienced safety professionals who conduct a confidential audit at manufacturing or construction site to identify safety concerns and potential violations.

A thorough inspection process begins with a review of all OSHA-required written programs, followed by an evaluation of the facility injury and illness records (OSHA 300 log), and associated discussion with the management team to determine business and compliance objectives. TMC trained and experienced team will then conduct a detailed wall-to-wall inspection to first hand observe working conditions, equipment, housekeeping and interviews with employees and supervisors. The audit concludes with a closing conference with both management and employee representatives to assure understanding and implement changes that may be necessary in the workplace.

During the closing conference, TMC will share such findings that reveals whether or not a company's daily activities and processes conform to their planned health and safety programs as well as government laws and regulations. Such findings will further reveal whether or not these programs are prepared and implemented effectively, in addition if such are designed in a manner to effectively achieve the organization's health and safety objectives. TMC incorporates elements of the health and safety management system as a way of building in a mechanism to provide the requisite checks and balances. Through these audit findings, TMC will assist the company develop a corrective action plan in response to identified failures within a system, process, program, training and/or reporting and documentation.